Holy Week Afterword

Holy Week Afterword By Dr. Paul Wolfe As I reflect on and reread the accounts of the resurrection, I cannot but help notice the differing responses to it. I mean the immediate responses. There was fear, astonishment, puzzlement, haste to see for one’s self, joy, worship, confession, remembrance of his words, quick reporting, blindness to […]

Holy Week Day 8 – Resurrection Day

Holy Week Day 8 – Resurrection Day By Dr. Paul Wolfe The Sabbath (Saturday) immediately following Jesus’ crucifixion was a virtual “no man’s land,” a time when the hiddenness of God enveloped all of reality. What the disciples could not see then was that it was literally the time when the judgment of God enveloped […]

Holy Week Day 6 – Crucifixion

Holy Week Day 6 – Crucifixion By Dr. Paul Wolfe Day six confronts us with the great cosmic dilemma; the Messiah is slain; the chosen one of God is rejected by men; the King of glory is humiliated and mocked. In the midst of it all, Jesus is not only rejected by the crowds, some […]

Wolfe Lyceum

Dr. Wolfe’s Faculty Lyceum Dr. Paul Wolfe, Cambridge’s Head of School, presented a Faculty Lyceum on Thursday, April 5th, entitled “Christ, Culture, and Formative Education.” The relationship between Christ and culture is complex, filled with many tensions, and has long been the subject of theologians. Those complexities and tensions highlight the need for a careful philosophy […]

Our Value Narrative

Our Value Narrative March 6, 2018 Below is the text from an old Straight from the Head. In it, Dr. Wolfe, our Head of School, describes how Cambridge is distinct and even countercultural.   One of the phrases currently in vogue for marketing private schools is the expression “value narrative.” It is an apt phrase […]