Holy Week Afterword

Holy Week Afterword By Dr. Paul Wolfe As I reflect on and reread the accounts of the resurrection, I cannot but help notice the differing responses to it. I mean the immediate responses. There was fear, astonishment, puzzlement, haste to see for one’s self, joy, worship, confession, remembrance of his words, quick reporting, blindness to […]

Holy Week Day 8 – Resurrection Day

Holy Week Day 8 – Resurrection Day By Dr. Paul Wolfe The Sabbath (Saturday) immediately following Jesus’ crucifixion was a virtual “no man’s land,” a time when the hiddenness of God enveloped all of reality. What the disciples could not see then was that it was literally the time when the judgment of God enveloped […]

Holy Week Day 6 – Crucifixion

Holy Week Day 6 – Crucifixion By Dr. Paul Wolfe Day six confronts us with the great cosmic dilemma; the Messiah is slain; the chosen one of God is rejected by men; the King of glory is humiliated and mocked. In the midst of it all, Jesus is not only rejected by the crowds, some […]

Passover Seder

Passover Seder 4/19/19 This year the 9th grade class participated in a Passover Seder, hosted by Cambridge parents Mr. & Mrs. Pikman. You can read Dr. Isbell’s post on last year’s Passover Seder here. The students tasted the bitter, sweet, and salty elements; joined in the ritual blessings; and sang Hebrew songs such as “Dayenu” […]