Thankful Brandes Woodall is a Cambridge Junior and Communication Intern. 11/22/18 When I transferred to Cambridge in November of my freshman year, my first assignment in Prof. Isbell’s theology class was to write about one thing I was thankful for every day of the month. Reluctant to leave my old school and friends, I didn’t feel […]

Our God is Full of Surprises

Our God is full of surprises! A reflection by Prof. Michael Jones, Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy. 11/15/18 Some of the biggest surprises I receive daily are things my children do that I never taught them. At one year old, Dominic took my socks, ran to the other side of the room, and turned back to watch me chase him. […]

Prof. Benson Integrates Theology & Literature

Prof. Benson Integrates Theology & Literature Originally published on As I take up the question “Why bother with theology?” in the opening days of my course on theology, my friend and former student, Joey Jekel, recommended that I consider Scott Cairn’s poem, “And Why Theology?”, in his volume, Idiot Psalms (2014). My commentary will be interspersed […]


Cambridge Passover Seder Reflection by Dr. Barb Isbell, Professor of Theology 3/31/18 I really enjoyed getting to treat my students (grades 7 and 9) to a Passover Seder, led by Cambridge parents Mr. & Mrs. Pikman. By tasting the bitter, sweet, and salty elements; joining in the ritual blessings; singing Hebrew songs such as “Dayenu” […]