Foreigners in a Familiar World: Reflections on the Middle School Summer Readings

Foreigners in a Familiar World: Reflections on the Middle School Summer Readings A Reflection by Professor Hannah Nelson 10/1/2018 I started out this school year, like all English teachers, discussing my students’ summer reading: Kipling’s The Jungle Book for sixth grade, and MacDonald’s Phantastes for seventh. Although I was already very familiar with both books, teaching […]

Classical Mathematics: Engendering a Love of Learning

Classical Mathematics: Engendering a Love of Learning A reflection by Sara Rico, Professor of Mathematics and Theology I was reading the Introduction to A Mathematician’s Apology, by the renowned mathematician G.H. Hardy, when I came across the following description of testing at the University of Cambridge in England: “It was an examination in which the […]

Prof. Martin Reflects Upon Nature

Prof. Rae Ann Martin Reflects Upon Nature & Praxis 9/4/2018 “In regards to Summer Praxis, I chose the naturalist approach, “seek out an inspiring view that you can return to often.” My husband and I had the privilege of visiting Argentina this summer. One of our destinations within the country was Iguazú Falls, which are […]

Prof. Benson Integrates Theology & Literature

Prof. Benson Integrates Theology & Literature Originally published on As I take up the question “Why bother with theology?” in the opening days of my course on theology, my friend and former student, Joey Jekel, recommended that I consider Scott Cairn’s poem, “And Why Theology?”, in his volume, Idiot Psalms (2014). My commentary will be interspersed […]

Professor VanOpstal Rediscovers an Island

Professor VanOpstal Rediscovers an Island 8/17/18 “One of the great things about growing up is getting to inflict things from your childhood on your kids. They’re still young enough to be excited about it, fortunately. This summer, it was an island I’d grown up visiting from time to time. Islands are always worthwhile, but this […]

Prof. Isbell & Praxis

Prof. Isbell & Praxis 7/25/2018 Dr. Isbell reflects upon one of her Praxis Practices: As one of my praxis selections, I chose the activist option of taking special note of all the animals I encounter for an entire week. My family’s recent trip to Charleston, SC and the surrounding beaches provided the perfect opportunity to […]

Prof. Benson’s Sensates Practice

Prof. Benson’s Sensates Practice 7/18/2018 A Summer Praxis Reflection from Professor Christopher Benson Earlier this summer I shared about one of my practices for Sabbath living. From the path of traditionalists (loving God through ritual and symbol), I am using a devotional book every day to formally observe Ordinary Time, the longest stretch of the […]

Prof. Wong & Takashi Murakami

Prof. Wong & Takashi Murakami 7/5/18 Prof. Wong and his wife recently visited the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. He reflected upon their experience with the artwork of Takashi Murakami, a Japanese contemporary artist known for blurring the line between high and low art. “One of the art works of Takashi Murakami reminded me of […]

Prof. Robson’s Praxis Practice: Sensates

Prof. Robson’s Praxis Practice: Sensates 6/27/18 Below Cambridge Professor of Art Brenda Robson reflects upon Summer Praxis and the Sensates practice she selected while on vacation in London. “The Cambridge School of Dallas’ “homework” for this summer is to experience places of rest. I chose the Sensates (meditation on God’s creation in the form of praise […]

Wolfe Lyceum

Dr. Wolfe’s Faculty Lyceum Dr. Paul Wolfe, Cambridge’s Head of School, presented a Faculty Lyceum on Thursday, April 5th, entitled “Christ, Culture, and Formative Education.” The relationship between Christ and culture is complex, filled with many tensions, and has long been the subject of theologians. Those complexities and tensions highlight the need for a careful philosophy […]