Ladies’ Tea

Ladies’ Tea Amy Nothrop, Professor of Math & Science, reflects upon the Cambridge tradition of Ladies’ Tea. 3/13/2019 John Paul II once wrote that the “deepest desire of the human heart is affirmation” that comes from being known and loved. My husband and I tell our children that we always want them to be truthful […]


“Pieta” by R.S. Thomas A reflection by Professor of English Christopher Benson. 3/5/19 When I read Jay Parini’s excellent biography, Robert Frost: A Life, he included this unforgettable quotation by Frost: “It is absurd to think that the only way to tell if a poem is lasting is to wait and see if it lasts. The […]

Why Latin?

Why Latin? By Erin Caldwell, Professor of Latin & Greek. 2/27/2019 At least once a week, someone asks me, “Why study Latin?” or “Why do you like Latin?” or “Why is Latin still useful?” These questions are usually followed by, “Isn’t Latin a dead language?” In response to that, I say yes and no. Yes, […]

February Homeless Expo

February Homeless Expo Victoria Taylor is a senior at Cambridge. 2/23/19 On February 2, 2019 I had the opportunity to participate in the Homeless Expo at the Dallas Convention Center not as a volunteer, but as a vendor. To be a vendor you must be an organization, and my Girl Scout Gold Award Project is an […]

Stinkin’ Standardized Tests

Stinkin’ Standardized Tests Dean of School Dr. John “Jay” Howell 2/15/19 Not too long ago, Dr. Wolfe and I were on a conference call with a couple of people who were trying to sell us something. What exactly they were selling isn’t that important, so let’s just call it an “educational resource”. At one point […]

What does it mean to be Pro-Life?

What does it mean to be Pro-Life? Charlotte Mbwala is Cambridge Junior and Communication Intern. 2/14/19 Pro-Life. What does that mean? Pro-Life to me, means that a new life is created at the moment of conception and all human life, unborn or born, has value. As I was growing up, my mother would always share […]

Music is Useless

Music is Useless By Professor of Music Monica Israel Spence 1/18/19 I began the school year by admitting to my students that music is useless. It’s not necessary to human survival and serves no definite biological purpose, and yet it is precisely music—along with other so-called “useless” things like art and theater—that makes us human, […]

Haiti Missions

Haiti Missions Finley Caughran is a Cambridge sophomore and Communication Intern. 12/29/18 Last spring I made aware of a mission trip in the summer of 2018, and I decided to join this amazing opportunity. That summer was very full, and while I was at camp I received a letter from a friend who was also […]

Joey Jekel: In what ways has Cambridge formed me?

In what ways has Cambridge formed me? By Cambridge Alum Joey Jekel 12/27/18 Hello, my name is Joey Jekel. I graduated from Cambridge in 2014, at which point I headed to Fayetteville to attend the University of Arkansas. I came to study English Creative Writing, Philosophy, and Classical Studies there, graduating in May of 2018. […]

A Debauchery of the Mind

A Debauchery of the Mind By Professor of English Joshua Jeffrey 12/23/18 I hate grades. I don’t mean that I hate grading, although that might be somewhat accurate as well. I think most members of my profession have some level of distaste for the process of actually sitting down and working through a stack of […]